Cybersecurity & the Commercial Drone Industry: Threats and Mitigation of Risk

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Event Description

Kathryn Rattigan is presenting on "Cybersecurity & the Commercial Drone Industry: Threats and Mitigation of Risk" as part of the Information Governance Conference (InfoGovCon) 2018. Hosted by the Information Coalition, the keynote presentation will discuss how drones can collect valuable data and increase productivity, safety, and efficiency across all industries. The program will also offer an overview of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Part 107 regulations, waivers, the FAA “DroneZone” and the FAA’s LAANC portal. In addition, Ms. Rattigan will cover the onslaught of cybersecurity concerns and threats that need to be addressed for better drone control as they continue to operate in the national airspace.

Additional details about the presentation, including registration information, can be accessed on the conference webpage


Kathryn M. Rattigan

Robinson+Cole, Associate


Rhode Island Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street, Providence, RI 02903


09/26/2018 1:00 PM