NASBP Road Show: Bonding with Bob

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Event Description

Todd Regan and Peter Strniste are among the speakers presenting during the NASBP Road Show: Bonding with Bob program, a series of half-day educational and informational programs spotlighting National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) benefits, programs and hot topics in the surety industry.

Mr. Regan is presenting a program on "My Brother’s Keeper: The Pitfalls of Bonding Special Preference Relationships." The seminar will cover the factual and legal basis on which sureties and producers may potentially be held liable for the principal’s fraudulent conduct and will provide some practice pointers on how to avoid this potential liability.

Mr. Strniste is presented a session on "Adventures of the Surety in the New Frontier — The Extension by State Law of the Prime’s Liability to Third Tier Subcontractors and Beyond." The program will examine recent trends in state law extending the prime’s liability to third tier subcontractors and suppliers and beyond as well as the effect upon the Surety’s payment bond liability in both the public and private settings.

Additional details about the event, registration information, and the complete schedule can be accessed on the event web page.


Todd R. Regan

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Peter E. Strniste Jr.

Robinson+Cole, Partner


The Lyceum, 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford, CT 06106