Water Resources Supply
Robinson+Cole has successfully assisted water supply clients with efforts to secure permits and approvals for public, tribal, industrial, and commercial projects. Our legal team works closely with other in-house and outside project team members (e.g. legal, technical, governmental, and public relations) to marshal the facts and evidence needed to submit approvable applications to regulators and secure the required support. Our projects have overcome rigorous needs analyses for supply and distribution systems, conflicting supply models, and challenges related to multiple user demands for over-allocated water supplies. We have also advised water supply clients facing a variety of water quality challenges, ranging from industrial contamination to naturally occurring radionuclides. We have developed strategies that fulfill the clients’ business objectives while addressing water supply land classification restrictions, including efforts to modify use restrictions on classified lands, declassification of lands, and conveyance of regulated properties.

The Environmental + Utilities Group regularly works within the heavily regulated intersection presented by hydropower projects. Our experience includes: FERC jurisdictional analysis, assistance with licensing/relicensing efforts, addressing FERC preemption issues, negotiations, counseling, and assistance with Environmental Agency/FERC interface issues including: water resources, fish passageways, shoreline management plans, and property rights.

Water Contamination
We routinely manage environmental investigations and remediation on projects subject to both state and federal remediation standards. We also counsel clients in evaluating remediation costs and requirements for legacy properties, using environmental insurance and other liability-shifting mechanisms, acquiring and divesting real estate and business operations, and evaluating successor liabilities.
We have represented hundreds of clients in state and federal matters with respect to the investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater impacts, including negotiating requirements with environmental agencies and abutters, developing favorable cleanup criteria, implementing engineered controls, securing groundwater reclassifications, working with consultants to develop cost-effective remediation approaches, evaluating the fate and transport of groundwater constituents, and addressing impacted water supply wells. We assist clients with contract negotiations and risk-shifting alternatives with environmental consultants and insurers. We advise clients with respect to reporting requirements with respect to all environmental media.

We routinely play a lead role on key technical and legal committees at many multi-party state and federal Superfund sites throughout the U.S. Many of our matters involve sites listed on the National Priorities List and/or where natural resource damages are sought. Relevant constituents at such sites include PCBs, dioxins, petroleum, volatile organics, radionuclides, heavy metals, and many others. We also regularly initiate and defend private cost recovery and contribution actions and litigate environmental cases in courts and administrative forums across the country.

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